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"Regardless of the project's size, we treat every project with care;

from the moment you approach us with your project idea,

right up until the last plank, tile or tread is installed. "

Flooring Made Simple

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1. Listening to Your Project Goals & Objectives

Upon meeting clients, the first thing we're careful to do, is listen. Understanding your project goals ensures we can lay out suitable and affordable flooring options for you to consider.

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2. Careful Evaluation of your Your Project Plans

We set high standards for ourselves because we get satisfaction from above-average project results. To ensure you'll love your flooring, we carefully evaluate your project goals, think ahead to any challenges you might encounter, and arm you with information you need to make decisions. Our pursuit of perfection, coupled with our own appreciation for quality and good value, helps our customers get the result they want to achieve!

3. Personalized Advice & Designs for Every Budget

We've spent our careers working with all flooring types, brand names and materials. Each flooring option and brand comes with its own set of characteristics. The abundance of choices can be overwhelming. Our years in the business has allowed us to gauge how each flooring type has weathered under various conditions. We are uniquely equipped to help you narrow down your flooring options, to those that meet your top priorities and your budget. 

4. Sincere, Honest and Useful Project Information

Once we've provided our clients with various options, we're committed to providing you with unbiased, honest, pros and cons associated with each possibility. Our clients can rely on the first-hand knowledge we've gained working with all types of designs and flooring types. We ensure clients are equipped with information that lets them make optimal product and service decisions for their project..

5. High-Quality Flooring & Refined Installations

Through our careers we've both established reputations for uncompromising attention to detail. This is something in which we have taken a lot of pride. While large box stores churn through flooring installation contracts as quickly as possible, we treat each project like an exercise in functional and formative art. We have an appreciation for the craft and its impact on your decor. Our inclinations to (a) find you the right product, (b) establish the best design for your space, (c) administer a careful installation, are of the utmost importance to us.


The attention we give to important details is evident in the quality of the flooring products we carry, the customer guidance we offer, and all of our flooring and renovation work. You can see some of our work here!

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